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Full Range of Orthodontic Treatments in City of London

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Orthodontic Treatments in central London

If you need expert teeth straightening in central London from a top provider of orthodontic treatments, our friendly, state-of-the-art clinic can help.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, removable braces that discreetly and comfortably transform your smile.

Invisible clear aligners are an innovative and effective method of teeth straightening and are custom-made just for you. You can smile, talk, and eat with confidence during the treatment.


Invisalign™ is a worldwide brand of clear aligners and boasts over 13 million happy customers worldwide.

Spark Clear Aligners

Spark™ aligners are the latest innovation in clear aligners. Near invisible, clear, stain less, and comfortable.

Fixed Braces

Effective Treatment to Straighten your Teeth

Metal Braces

Fixed metal braces are permanently attached to the teeth for the full duration of the treatment. Fixed metal braces have a superb success rate and remain the most common choice for teeth straightening.

Ceramic Braces

Fixed ceramic braces are equally as effective but less noticeable than metal braces because the brackets and wires fixed to the teeth are made of tooth-coloured ceramic. A superb, discreet option for teeth straightening.

Lingual Braces

Incognito braces or Lingual braces, work in the same way as the traditional metal bracket system. Incognito braces are attached to the rear of the teeth making them the most discreet fixed option for teeth straightening.

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